Demodectic Mange

Demodectic Mange, Also Know as Red Mange or Follicular Mange

Demodectic Mange is a skin disease that affects mostly young dogs or dogs with compromised immune systems.  It is not considered a “contagious” disease and the affected dog does not need to be isolated.  Normally, the mange mite lives in harmony with it’s host.  The mite is microscopic, living in the hair follicles of it’s host.  Almost all dogs have this Demodectic mite.  They receive it from their mother when nursing early in their lives.  The problem arises when the dog’s immune system has been suppressed causing the natural balance to tip in favor of the mite.  Usually, the first signs include loss of hair on the face, around the eyes and corners of the mouth.  In severe cases, a secondary infection will often accompany the extreme hair loss and sores that will be prevalent on the dog.

Diagnosis is determined by a scraping test done by your vet.  Treatment involves either topical, oral or a combination.  In severe cases, treatment can be lengthy and expensive but once treated it is easy to maintain.

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