Foster Guidelines

Foster Guidelines

  • Complete the Foster Application.
  • Phone interview will be conducted after application has been received.
    (please allow up to 7 days for processing)
  • A home evaluation will be scheduled and conducted.
  • If you have current pets, they must be updated on vaccinations including Bordatella (given at least 7 days prior to rescue Dane arriving in the home).
  • Before a Great Dane comes to your home you will need the following supplies. If you do not have these supplies GDRST will help you in obtaining them.

Bowls- separate from your pets.
Toys, and treats
Leash and collar

  • Once there is a Great Dane that needs to be put into a foster home, we will contact you and see if you are available to foster.
  • If you are able to foster, the Great Dane will be transported to your home.
  • If you have another pet, it would be good to keep them in separate rooms and socialize them slowly.
    Note: as rescue becomes better, if sick, different behaviors can become apparent, such as food aggression, dominance competition, etc.
  • The rescued Great Dane should be taken to a vet on the Low Cost Vet List as soon as possible. There you should get an overall checkup and the necessary shots as shown on the Veterinary Services (PDF) section.
    • If Heartworm positive look into treatment
    • If not Heartworm positive, look into when a spay/neuter can be scheduled
  • While the rescue is at your home he/she should be learning how to get into a crate, basic commands as sit, stay, and lay down, and beginnings of walking on a leash.
  • Once the rescue has been spay/neutered and a potential adoptive family is looked at, the rescue will go with the Home Evaluators to see the new home.
    • If it is a match then the rescue will be adopted.
    • If not, other potential homes are looked at.

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