Foster to Adopt Program

Foster to Adopt Program

GDRST’s Foster to Adopt Program is a program that allows you to foster a Great Dane for a time period before adopting.  This helps you find out if the Great Dane breed is right for you and/or if this Great Dane is a good match for your family.

The Process:

  • Visit our Available Danes page to see what Great Dane your family is interested in.
  • Once GDRST has reviewed your application and completed a home evaluation, the considered Great Dane is brought to your home.
  • Before a Great Dane is brought to your home you will need the following supplies:

Bowls (separate from your current pets)
Collar and leash

  • There will be a two week trial period to see if this is the right Great Dane for your family.
  • The spay/neuter and shots will be done by the GDRST.

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