Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees

Currently, our Adoption Fees are based on the age of the animal.  Effective September 2019, GDRST became required by law to collect sales tax on our Adoption Fees.  Adoption Fees with sales tax is shown in parenthesis.



0 – 2 years:                                              $400 ($433.00)
3 – 5 years:                                              $300 ($324.75)
6+ years:                                                 $200 ($216.50)
Great Dane Mix puppy 0-1 years:     $325 ($351.81)
Great Dane Mix:                                   $200 ($216.50)
Non-Great Dane:                                  $200 ($216.50)


These fees by no means cover the cost of rehabilitating a dog that is in our program.  Please visit our “Cost of Rescue” page for a better understanding of what goes into each rescued animal from a monetary point of view.

Cost of Rescue

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