Foster A Dane

Fostering is a crucial part of our rescue, GDRST does not have a shelter facility, instead we rely solely on people who are willing to take in and care for these dogs until a permanent home can be found. By having these “Gentle Giants” placed in our fostering network, we are able to evaluate their habits and behaviors in a home environment. The more people who open their homes and become a foster parent, the more Danes we can save. It is a rewarding way to support our organization.

Here are some wonderful articles pertaining to fostering.

Fostering: What’s It All About? (PDF)

What Fostering Is Not (PDF)

Fostering FAQ

Expectations of a Foster Parent

If you have questions about fostering, please contact us by email at

If you have decided to foster a Great Dane, please click on the application link below.

Foster ApplicationĀ 

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