Featured Dane – Zeus

Meet Zeus

Zeus is a large Blue Merle Male Great Dane.  He is 3 years old and a very big boy.  He currently weighs around 110 and needs to continue to put some weight on.  Zeus is very, very sweet and just wants to be in your lap.  He is on the shy side and likes to be talked to like a baby.  He is literally a 9 month old puppy in an adult body!  He likes to grab his leash, he likes to play with toys,  pounce on things, and he wants your sole attention.  As with any Great Dane he doesn’t like to be away from his human.  Zeus is looking for somebody to give him some structure in life where can enjoy the good things in life.  We feel that Zeus will do best with a large submissive female dog.  He does NOT like cats and will not be placed in a home with cats, and therefore, small dogs.  He also doesn’t like squirrels, birds, etc.   He takes correction well and will need continued work with that.  Zeus is fantastic on a leash and is very sweet and proper when meeting other dogs and people.

If you think that Zeus might be the right Gentle Giant for your home, please complete an Adoption Application to get the process started.

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