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Bonnie & Her 10 Pups

A kind person sent us an email and said that this sweet mommy and her pups didn’t have much time left. They were due for euthanasia and emails were sent out far and wide for help! GDRST was contacted and we made the road trip to Centerville, Texas to pick up this sweet mommy and her 10 puppies.

Bonnie is estimated to be between 11-15 months of age. She is just a baby herself. She was dumped at the shelter along with her 11 pups by her owner. One of the pups did not make it in time. All 10 pups are doing well in their foster homes, and Wendy has taken mom into her home and will begin the long and slow process of getting mom back healthy. She is severely emaciated, weighing in at only 68 lbs., and  has hook worms & whip worms.  The good news is that she is Heartworm negative, getting all the loving that she can handle and it seems she knows that her puppies are in good hands.

The puppies are currently being isolated because of how young they are.  They need to have their first set of shots before they can go out in public and meet the world.  They will not be able to go to new homes until they are at least 8 weeks old.

We will be continuing to update on Mama & pups as well as adding photos and videos.  We currently have a live video feed on the right hand side of the web page under Featured Video of two of the puppies.

If you think Bonnie or one of her pups would be a good fit for your family, please complete an Adoption Application to get the process started.

If you would like to make a donation to help Bonnie and her pups with their medical needs, simply click on the donate button on the right hand side of the page and list “Bonnie & Pups” in the comment field.  Thank you for helping us save these “Gentle Giants.”

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