Featured Dane – Elijah

Meet Elijah

This is the boy we sprung from Shreveport, La!  He was on death row with limited time.  GDRST had volunteers pull together to transport him to Houston!  Elijah is a stunning boy and loves people, dogs, cats and kids!  He does well in all environments!
He is estimated to be a 2 year old Fawn Mantle Male.  He has very striking markings and will be very handsome when he is at his full weight.  Elijah has been neutered, he has gained 20 pounds and is looking good and feeling good!  He does great in the house, he is house trained, potty trained, knows how to contain his zoomies and loves to greet you at the door at the end of a hard day at work!  He LOVES water;  loves to play in the water, and loves to help you with any outside work! This boy is truly an easy Dane to have and will make a wonderful companion!
He is now ready for adoption!

If interested in Elijah please complete an Adoption Application to get the process started.  Questions regarding Elijah can be sent to info@saveadane-local.com.  Thank you for considering saving a life.

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