Featured Dane – Dudley

Meet Dudley

Dudley is a very social boy who is 18 months old.  He is a Merle Piebald Male with natural ears.  He is a large boy and very tall.  He is neutered, up-to-date on shots, and Heartworm preventative.  We are seeking a forever fantastic home for Dudley.  He is a courtesy posting for a wonderful owner who has fallen into a tough predicament.  We like to help those who are wonderful owners!  SO………. this is how Dudley has come about with GDRST.  Dudley loves water, loves to swim.  Loves cats, kids, and dogs of all sizes.  He loves to take car rides, and is used to hopping in the car and going with you to run errands.  He has been to the Astros games several times, he goes to events, and dog walks.  Dudley is a perfect gentleman in the house and doesn’t chew anything, he is potty trained, house trained, and his favorite spot is on the couch.  As with all Danes and all dogs, he MUST be an indoor doggie.  While Dudley does enjoy getting outside to play he usually prefers for you to be out there with him.  He is a huge human Velcro and loves to be with you.  So ya, Dudley is pretty much awesome! 🙂  So, you can expect that we will be searching for the perfect home for Dudley.  Dudley’s current mommy will also be a part of the adoption process and will also be involved in the home evaluation process and screening.  If you are interested in Dudley and you feel you can provide the home he needs, please contact GDRST @ info@saveadane-local.com   Thank you again for adopting!

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