Garage Sale Success!

Success!!!  The garage sale we had last Saturday (6-20-09) was a huge success.  People were so generous with the items that were donated to help us put on this event.  Our volunteers were up at the crack of dawn setting up and held out till about 1 pm through the heat and humidity.  Thank you so very much.  Without the donations & the volunteers we would not have been able to have such a great fundraising event.  We also want to thank the shoppers!!!  Thanks to everyone who came by to do a little shopping to help out our rescue Danes and those that didn’t see anything that they needed/wanted but donated money to help our cause.  Because of this event, we raised enough money for Willy to receive his eye surgery.  Thanks again!!

Even though we sold a lot of items, we still have quite a few items left.  What do you do when this happens?  That’s right!  Hold another garage sale.  We have decided to hold another fundraising garage sale this upcoming Saturday (6-27-09).  Check out our calender for the event information.

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