Willy (Remington)

Willy was 7 months old when he came to us from a shelter in Lufkin, TX.  A kind police officer had taken him there after picking him up from a vacant barn that was near the field that he had been abandoned in.  The shelter was amazed that Willy was alive, he was extremely skinny and one of his eyes was swollen shut.  Willy suffers from a condition known as “Cherry Eye.”  This is a condition where the gland of the third eyelid prolapses and becomes visible. Because of this, the shelter knew that Willy would have a hard time being adopted.   That is when they contacted GDRST to help.

Willy made a complete 180 after entering our program.  He put on weight and learned how to play like a puppy again.  Willy went in for an eye consultation and it was discovered that he didn’t have an “eye” in his socket.  We are not sure if he was born without one or if the eye had been punctured when he was very small.  Willy was adopted and given the new name of Remington.  His new family says the lack of an eye doesn’t slow him down one bit.

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