Fireworks Phobia

With the 4th of July quickly approaching us, I think it is important for us to remember that this wonderful celebration can also be very stressful for our beloved dogs.  Dogs have a very keen sense of hearing and fireworks can have the impact of a cannon going off.  Sadly, it is not unusual for some dogs to run away from home after being frightened by fireworks.  Here are some things to remember to help ease the stress of this celebration for our pets:

  • Bring pets inside for the fireworks (even outside dogs).
  • If you are able, stay with your dog during the fireworks display.  Stay upbeat using a happy voice.  Don’t speak or touch the dog in a manner that he will think that this is a situation to be afraid.
  • Have a designated area where your pet can feel safe such as a crate or kennel.
  • Keep all windows and curtains closed to help alleviate some of the sound.
  • Sometimes “normal” household sounds (tv or music) can help distract your dog from what is going on outside.

Dogs don’t understand why we have these celebrations but, hopefully, with a little planning we can make it a less stressful situation for the whole family.  Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!

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