Harley is a 1 year old black Dane with white markings that was surrendered to GDRST by her owners because she has a hereditary condition called Demodex mange.  This condition left untreated causes skin outbreaks and loss of hair in patchy areas.  It is not contagious but is a genetic predisposition passed on to her from her parents.  Harley’s owners did not know how to care for her and therefore surrendered her to GDRST.  Her condition was extreme to say the least.  She had very little hair on her head and body and large patches of open sores.  Since being in our program she has been receiving Ivermectin treatments for her condition and it has worked wonders.  There is no trace of the sores she once had and all her hair has grown back in shiny and smooth.

We are so excited that Harley has now found her “forever” home with a wonderful family.  We look forward to hearing updates on her new adventures.

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