A Girl & Her Dane

Jada & Rue

Jada & Rue

We recently received an update on a “Senior” Dane that was in our program last year, Rue.  She was such a sweetheart and surprised us all with how much spunk she had.  Clearly, she had no idea how old she was.  Here is what her new owner had to say:

“Rue is a sweetheart. She is like a Christmas present every morning. I know that I’m only 11, but it was like I was missing a piece of my heart when a dog very close to my heart died. Then Rue came along and mended up all of my wounds. I love Rue and I will do anything for her to be happy. Every morning when I get up, shes there giving me kisses. Every day when I get home from a hard day at 5th grade, shes there to comfort me.She will be there when I am crying my heart out. She will be there when I’m laughing my head off. What I’m trying to get at is that Rue cares, even if I’m super stubborn or super sad. I love Rue. :)”

Jada, thank you so much for the update.  We look forward to hearing more about your adventures with Rue.

One Response to “A Girl & Her Dane”

  1. Great Dane says:

    Aww… such a sweet story. It’s so nice to hear when a dog turns sadness into smiles and happiness, especially when it’s a child. 😉


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