Charlie (Hansel)

He is doing great. We have him named Hansel now and he has taken well to the name (our Doberman’s name is Gretel). They get along great. Gretel thinks he is a huge toy that we bought especially for her. Hansel is head over heels in love with Gretel. We take them to the dog park and they play for about 10 or 15 minutes until Hansel gets tired. Then while Gretel is off running with other dogs he just watches her. Then when she runs back to us he sees her coming back and he lays down in the six inches of grass trying to hide from her (just imagine a 140 lbs dog hiding in 6 inches of grass). Then he jumps out at her when she gets near. It’s quite hilarious to watch. They absolutely love each other. He is a big goofy guy that has become a member of the family we could not do without.

Thank you for completing our little family.

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