Puppy contracts Parvo


UPDATE: GDRST is saddened to annouce the news that ShyAnne the beautiful Merle puppy has lost her battle with Parvo the afternoon of 6/23/10.  The Vet Tech, staff and GDRST gave her everything we possibly could to help her pull through.  The vet staff had fallen in love with this sweet girl and she had a whole army rooting for her.

GDRST wants to thank you for your thoughts, prayers, kind messages, and donations for this sweet baby, and we could not have done it with out you guys.  It is YOU ALL who help us continue on and give us the strenght to do what we do!

We are very grateful to know that the last few happy days ShyAnne spent sitting in the laps of her humans, doing zoomies, sleeping on the couch with her foster brother Charlie, and giving high fives to the people who loved her! Her favorite food was sweet potatoes!

She knew ♥ and for that we are grateful. Thank you Mandy for being such a wonderful foster mommy to her.

If you are not familiar with the deadly disease Parvovirus, please take the time to read up on it.  It is lethal to puppies and a virus that everyone dreads to hear the name of.

Pet Education – Parvo

Run Free ShyAnne! The other GDRST Dane Buddies are waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge! ♥ We love you and will never forget your cute smiling face!


Meet ShyAnne!  We brought her into the rescue last week and over the weekend she was diagnosed with Parvo.  She is currently under vet care at Long Drive.  Her chances are 70/30.  The cost to treat this fatal disease is HUGE.  If everyone could just donate $10.00 that would help us pay for her medical.  The cost is $250 for the first day and $100 for each additional day.  ShyAnne could be at the vet for 15-20 days.  GDRST simply doesn’t have the funds to pay for her full treatment with taking on the mom and 10 puppies…we are asking everyone to please help ShyAnne.  If you are able to donate, simply click the “donate” button and in the comment section put ShyAnne.   Every little bit helps.

UPDATE:  ShyAnne is doing as well as can be expected – still lethargic, bloody diarrhea, but no longer throwing up.  Still receiving IV fluids, antibiotics, and additional B vitamins.  She has made it through the weekend and each day that she is here means a day closer to survival.  She will need to remain in isolation for approximately 7-10 more days. Today she sat up in her kennel and was interested in what was going on around her.

We will be listing updates as we get them.

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