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Do you know what to do if your pet is lost?Jack02

First thing to remember is don’t panic.  Here is a list put together by Iams.

  • Look all over your property, including new places where your dog might try to hide.
  • Search the neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors, and leave a note with your name & phone number at houses where no one is home.  Call your pet’s name frequently.
  • Help your pet find his way home. Place bedding or some of your dirty clothes outside your house as a homing scent.
  • Call local veterinarians, shelters, rescues and humane societies. Also check with Dept. of Transportation in case your pet was injured on the road.
  • Post flyers in the area. Include a photo, detailed description and your phone number (but not your name or address).
  • Place a “lost dog” ad in your local newspaper’s classifieds.

For more information & tips on what to do visit www.iams.com.

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