Attention Dane Friends/Family:

We have some sad news and would like to send out (((HUGS))) to Lauren and her family who lost a very sweet soul, HAZEL.  She was loved by so many and her zest for life inspired so many of us here at GDRST.  When we pulled her from the shelter, she could not stand, she was loaded with every intestinal parasite imaginable and full of heartworms.  There is no telling what was done to her in her life, but we do know that once she was adopted by her wonderful family she never looked back!  We love you sweet Princess Hazel.  May you run free at the rainbow bridge and take care of the others there! There is a spot waiting for you on the couch, sweetheart!  You were one of the kindest Danes we had the pleasure of knowing ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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