Breast Cancer in Dogs

Did you know that dogs get breast cancer (mammary cancer) too?  The chances of an unspayed dog getting it are higher than that of a spayed dog.  Most dogs develop mammary tumors after the age of four.  Male dogs that are diagnosed with a mammary tumor seem to suffer from a more aggressive type of cancer than the females. You can find on Vents Magazine many informative articles about how using CBD for your pets it’s a very good natural solution.

If your dog has cancer we recommend you read more how the hemp oil can relieve pain and reduce inflammation simultaneously. That way, your dog stays happy, lively, and fit. 

For more information regarding breast cancer in dogs, please visit the following links.

Mammary Cancer in Dogs

Mammary Gland Cancer in Dogs

One Response to “Breast Cancer in Dogs”

  1. My Choco lab Sundae was a breast cancer survivor. She had 4 of her teats removed. The cancer had unknowingly spread & 2 yrs later she passed due to throat cancer.


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