Kuranda Dog Bed Contest

Kuranda Dog Beds is having a Dog of the Month Contest.  The winner of the contest will have 5 dog beds donated to the rescue/shelter of their choice.  A supporter of GDRST has entered the contest and has been chosen as one of the final four.  This contest is based off of votes by the public.   Let’s see if we can help them win and get some dog beds for the rescue.

Simply go to:  //kuranda.com/blog/dog-of-the-month#

And vote for Cheveyo, the Great Dane puppy.  Then spread the word!

Voting starts now and ends at 11:59 pm on January 31, 2013 and you can only vote once in a 24 hr period.  Please vote daily!

*Note that in order to vote you must log in with either a facebook account or a kuranda.com account.

7 Responses to “Kuranda Dog Bed Contest”

  1. Is this the dog we vote for?

  2. Yes, this is the picture that you will want to vote for. Thank you for helping!


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