Featured Senior Dane

Meet Caesar!

This is what Caesar’s foster mom has to say about him:

Caesar is an 8 year old Dane who is still in great shape!  He hops in and out of my SUV with ease, not like an older guy at all!  He is the sweetest boy and loves following he around the house.  He’s GREAT with kids, other dogs and pretty sure he’d do great with cats as well 🙂  He’s never marked or had an accident in my house, doesn’t need to be crated, and doesn’t counter surfing.  Just a prefect boy with no bad habits!  He knows all his basic commands including “paw” and “speak”.  He loves going for car rides!  Scratch his ears and he will be your friend for life.  Caesar is one of those fosters that will take a piece of my heart with him when he goes.  His forever home will be one lucky family with Caesar in it!


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