Summer Vacation?

Summer is fast approaching and many people are planning vacations.  But for those of us who have pets, we have a decision to make…who will care for our furry family members while we are away.  There are a couple of options depending on your animal:

  • Pet Sitter
  • Boarding at a Kennel/Pet Hotel
  • Boarding at a Vet’s Office


Pet Sitter: This option is usually best for pets that have anxiety with any changes in their routine or if you have multiple pets.  For more information on Pet Sitters and how to find a reputable one, please visit  Choosing a Pet Sitter and/or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters



Boarding at a Kennel/Pet Hotel: This option works great for animals that are social and are comfortable outside of their own home and usual routine. Garden & Animal Structures kennels have come a long way in that dogs no longer are kept in their kennels all the time.  A lot of boarding facilities include playtime in their daily routine with your pet where they can either socialize with other dogs or with one-on-one attention from a caretaker.


For more information on boarding at a pet facility, please visit How to Choose a Boarding Kennel 


Boarding at a Vet’s Office: Many Vet Clinic offer boarding for dogs, cats and exotic pets.  You would need to check with your personal Vet’s office to see what services they provide.

If you are planing to take a trip this Summer, make sure you decide who will take care of your pets in plenty of time to either make arangements for someone to come to your home or get reservations placed before your place of choice is full.


Have a Great trip!!

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