Featured Female Dane – Coraline

Meet Coraline!

You might recognize the name; there was a movie, and I’m a star.  I am a petite beauty, always neat and polite, would never think of soiling my home, and of course divas never beg.  About that…as a diva, I never like to share the spotlight with other dogs or cats.  However, I adore and appreciate my fans as any good diva should.  Older kids and other people who adore me are what I live for.  I give great interviews and am quite talkative.  I’m always on the hunt for new adventures, so it’s best if I am  crated when alone.  Also, I am a sensitive “arteest,” so loud noises like thunder and fireworks are disturbing.  If you need a bright, shinning star in your life, have  your people contact my people!

If this diva is what your life has been missing, please complete an Adoption Application.

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