McKenna 2/2018

McKenna was used for breeding and GDRST stepped in and was able to get her from her horrible owners. McKenna had no idea that a luxury life existed until the Kellman family adopted her. RIP McKenna words can not express how sad we are.¬† Here is what McKenna’s mom had to say about her.

“I wanted to thank you for providing me with the best 7.5 years of my life. In a few hours Missy who was renamed McKenna (aka McDawg) will cross the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is breaking¬†but in my head, I know its the right thing to do. She’s a goofy girl who loved to “back bark” when she didn’t agree with me. She’s a bed, blanket and pillow hog, who had no problem giving me some side eye if I woke her up before 7am. As I type this she’s still trying to prove she’s a lapdog. I call her my “Teacup Dane”. She cheated at tug ‘o war, and her Zoomies were epic when she was younger. She always seems to be laughing, at my “human” ways. Please love up on your babies, as I did mine. McKenna, you were the best “owner” a human could have. God Speed my sweet baby. Mommy loves you to infinity and beyond.”

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