My name is Guinness. I was rescued thanks to the Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas. I am a result of an inexperienced breeder’s poor judgment. My parents were father and daughter and were both merles, which are no-nos in breeding.

My siblings and I lived on a plywood floor with no padding, and we had to lie in our own mess. My mother was extremely malnourished, and there wasn’t enough food to go around. Due to these conditions, my littermates and I developed fluid collections in our legs and hips, our skin stretched, and we lost hair in those spots.

One day, this wonderful group of people heard about us and came to our rescue. The members took us away and helped us recover. Finally, someone cared! After several weeks of medicine, food, and lots of love, I got stronger and healthier and was ready to find my forever home.

A few weeks later, I met a couple who had a female Great Dane named Bailey. They took me home, and I got to run and play with my new big sister. I feel so blessed that the Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas took the time and energy to care for me. My story is now a happy one.

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