Salty AKA Scooby 5/28/2013

It is with a heavy heart that we report the loss of Salty.  He came into rescue as Scooby, an extremely large 10 month old  puppy who had no idea of what “manners” were.  Thanks to the efforts from his foster family we learned that Scooby loved water and having a good time & just needed an experienced owner who knew how to set the rules and be consistent.  Then along came the Bludworths.  It was a perfect fit!    He got a new home and a new name.

Unfortunately, during the last 7 months it became apparent that something wasn’t right.  After numerous tests and consults with different vets & specialists, it was determined that Salty had neurological degeneration.  At the rate it was occurring, it was becoming hard for him to control his movements and was in pain.   The Texas A&M Neurologist and the Bludworth’s vet recommended that the best thing to do was to help Salty “Cross the Bridge.”  The Bludworth’s decided to have a complete autopsy done in the hopes that, in studying Salty’s brain damage & degeneration, it will shed light on the disorder and help future dogs.

8 Responses to “Salty AKA Scooby 5/28/2013”

  1. So sad. Hopefully the research will help other dogs in the future. Makes me hug my Danes a little tighter tonight……

  2. He’s a beauty. So sorry. I’ve lost a couple of danes throughout the years & it’s very hard to cope with their loss. They are a great breed.

  3. He is beautiful. I know he gave and received lots of love. It looks like he loved to play. It’s always too soon to loose our fur babies and it sounds like this was much, much too soon. God bless you. Rest In Pease, Scooby!

  4. So Sorry. He is beautiful. Rip Salty

  5. Sheila Bludworth says:

    Heather, I’ve had company for the last 2 weeks and just got a chance to see Salty’s memorial. Thank you so much! Even though only having Salty 7 months, he truly touched the hearts of everyone that met him! We have a big hole in our family and hearts. Having shown and bred danes when we were younger and rescuing now that we are older, he was truly a “stand-out”. Hope to find another in the near future! We received his ashes from A&M and he will be buried with Bandit, (our previous rescue) on a hill top on our ranch outside of Seguin, Texas,


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