Tango 6/5/2013

Jared and Lena Benge’s Tango crossed the bridge today. Tango was an alumni from GDRST. Tango was truly loved by the Benge family. GDRST feels the pain when one of our own crosses the bridge. Beth Williams picked up Tango from a really bad situation – he was dirty, unkept, skinny, stinky boy and unloved. When I told Jared about Tango he didn’t hesitate one second before he said YES we will take him – sight unseen. It was love at first sight when they met at Spring Pet Fest two years ago. Jared and Lena cared for Tango and his “sister” Daisy whom the Benge family adopted the previous year from GDRST. Our hearts go out to you Jared and Lena – but we know what a wonderful 2 years Tango had with your family. RIP Tango – Symone was there to greet you today and show you the ropes at the bridge. We will see you again!

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