Margo Needs Your Help


Meet Margo, a 7-10 month old Great Dane.

Margo is one of the new rescues to GDRST.  She has spent her life tied to a tree; going days with out food or water and was beaten numerous times.  Recently, Margo was hit by a car and was never taken to the vet.  As a result, her leg healed at a 90 degree angle.  Due to this, Margo can’t run, jump or fully play.  We took Margo to see a orthopedic specialist in hopes that we could perform surgery and fix her leg.  Unfortunately, we were told there is nothing that can be done to save her leg.

Margo needs to have her back right leg amputated.  We want to give this girl the world.  She has been through the ringer and still has her entire life ahead of her.  She may be losing a leg but she is starting her life.  A happy, healthy, loving and pain free life.  Please consider making a donation, no matter how small, and help us help Margo.

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