Miracle Update

Sara Rose

GDRST has some amazing news on Sara Rose!

Sara Rose was in an abusive situation when GDRST got the call.  We were told by the animal control vet that Sara Rose had months to live due to cancer as her body was covered in hundreds of lumps and bumps.  GDRST wanted to give Sara Rose a quality life until she crossed the bridge.  Longtime supporter Candy French stepped up to give Sara Rose a great life for whatever time she had left.

Fortunately, Sara Rose doesn’t understand English and didn’t know she had months to live.  Under Candy’s wonderful care, Sara Rose has been given a cancer free diagnosis!  Everyone was applauding in the vet office yesterday after biopsy on her lumps that remain.  Sara Rose will be spayed in the near future and ready to go to her adoptive home!  GDRST is overjoyed to bring you the wonderful news of recovery.

2 Responses to “Miracle Update”

  1. sara rose says:

    Were is she located and how much us adoption

  2. Heather says:

    She is in foster care in the greater Houston area. Once she has been spayed, she will be available for adoption. Her adoption fee will be $175.


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