Featured Male Dane


Dean, approximately 2.5-3 years old, is neutered, UTD vaccines, and light heartworm positive.  He is not able to be crated but would do best in a home without any other dogs (he is so starved for attention that he needs to be the only dog), and someone that is a stay at home person. He would be a fabulous dog for a retired couple as Dean will never be a dog park dog and doesn’t require daily walks.

Dean has been cruelly kept in a very small crate and we suspect that he broke out of the crate by chewing, biting, bending his way out – and was probably struck by a car.  He has several old healed fractures that were never surgically repaired. Dean does well with his healed injuries and that does not cause him any problems.  He does, however, have a  congenital defect where his sheath is too short for his penis.  Applying Utter Butter daily to his penis also takes care of that situation.

Dean is extremely sweet to kiddos and adults – he craves and seeks out your attention.  Dean has been evaluated by a trainer so we know exactly what barriers Dean was facing.  He does know some commands and does really well in the house.  His trainer, Mike Foresee, has raved about this dog and said that Dean will make a wonderful companion dog for someone.

If you think Dean could be the companion you’ve been looking for, please complete an Adoption Application.

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